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Well hello there, aspiring entrepreneur!

I am thrilled you are here. Really, I am really happy for you. Because that probably means that you are serious about changing your life. Do things your way. Finally..

You’ve read the 4-hour workweek, you started a few projects, made a website, but.. crickets. The struggle to build a business while working in a full-time job is real. Especially with limited time, energy, resources.. and, honestly, confidence.

I know the struggle because I’ve been there. No overnight successes. No startup unicorns for me. Instead, I wrestled with corporate life until I graduated at the Burnout University.

But giving up was never an option. Hitting rock bottom was the ultimate gift and made me realize something HAD to change. I hired a coach, changed my habits, listened to audiobooks, watched trainings and even got certified in life coaching.

I became obsessed not just with coaching and entrepreneurship, but especially with figuring out HOW to build your dream business while working in a busy 9-5 job.

Not just any business. A business that enables you to be financially and location independent. Not just for the money, but mostly to simply be you. Really 100% you.

If this is you, than wait no longer and dive in. I wrote this guide for you. Read it, implement it, believe it. Go make it happen!

Warmest regards,

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