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3 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done

Got an exciting business idea, but you’re not sure where to begin? And do you keep procrastinating because it’s not ‘the right moment’? I’m glad you are here.

You’re probably up to something big, because you have decided to start your own business. Whilst everyone encourages you to stay in a safe job, you know that this life isn’t for you. You want more.

More excitement. More freedom. And above all, just being more ‘you’.

You have read the 4-hour workweek and you’re on your journey looking for freedom and financial independence. Aren’t you?

I’ve got good news: you are in the right place. I am going to help you to stop procrastinating and get things done. Even if you work 40 hours a week.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

Start slow, yet committed.

With many things to consider when creating your own business I believe that there are a few essentials you want to start focusing on:

– Make a commitment

– Embrace the power of consistency

– Find your tribe

Make a commitment.

It all starts with making a commitment. Just for yourself.

And the reason is simple. The entrepreneurial journey you’re about to dive into isn’t a race. It’s a marathon.

Sometimes you’ll experience joy, excitement and deep fulfillment. Other times the dark forces of fear, anxiety and doubt will kick in.

This commitment is to make sure you commit to the journey. To show up every day. To keep making progress. Even if things get hard. Even if others don’t believe in you. Even if you don’t feel like it.

As Winston Churchill says it best:

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

If you really wanna do this, then make the commitment. Here and now. And then let’s move on!

Grab some paper and a pen and write down your commitment. It could be something like the following:

“Today, (Date) I’m making a commitment with myself to build my dream business whatever it takes. I know it isn’t an easy road, but I will stay focused and I will keep going. And I won’t give up!”

Embrace the power of consistency

Wish you could just *POOF* turn your demanding 9-5 life into an exciting entrepreneurial life?

Nice try.

And honestly: you’ll miss out on all the learnings along the way. Learnings that will make your destination so much more fulfilling.

The beauty is really in the journey. (Gosh, I always hated this sentence. But I learned it’s true IF you know how to enjoy the small victories).


Think about a football match for a second. The results are important (the number on the scoreboard). But what makes a game memorable is the journey. The magic between the players, the impossible goals, the emotions, the victory dances. The challenge is to embrace the journey so that reaching your destination will feel satisfying and fulfilling.

One of my all-time favourite books that has really changed my life on this topic is ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear.

James explains the importance of focusing on building your ‘system’ instead of focussing on your goals. This system is the habits that you consistently utilize, every single day.

As a starting entrepreneur you know the struggle is real, but with the power of using consistent habits you will be able to follow through.

One sentence every day. One task. Tick off a small task each day instead of working through all your To Do’s and then.. exhaustion and overwhelm.

Make your habit so small, easy and attractive that it’s almost impossible not to do it.

Here’s a nugget of wisdom from my own experience on building new habits:

I want to be a more grateful person.

In fact, it became a goal in itself. My daily level of gratitude was relying on my end goals.

“When I reach X and have Y, then I’ll be a more grateful person.”

That’s BS. Seriously.

Especially after reading ‘Atomic Habits’, I came to realize that this is simply not how it works.

I took the decision to express my gratitude. Every single day. No matter the amount of resistance I felt.

Every evening, before eating dinner, I would take two minutes to verbalise my gratitude to myself.

After doing this for two months, it became a habit. It’s in my system.

And more importantly, I started to identify myself as being a grateful person.


Lesson learned: forget your goals and focus on your practice.

As mentioned above, the habit of expressing gratitude every single day was done by utilizing a system made out of tiny habits. However, for them to be effective, you have to use the power of consistency.

For example:

– If you want to be a writer, start writing 5 sentences every day.

– If you want to be a runner, start with just putting on your running shoes.

– If you want more clients, send out one message to a potential client every day.

And make sure to repeat it every single day. You will find yourself identifying with being a writer, runner, or effective business owner sooner than later.

That’s it. Get out of your head and put things in motion. One step at a time.

Find your Tribe

So you know you want to start your own business. But… your business idea is still a bit fuzzy. And it’s hard to keep working on it with limited time, energy and money.

And perhaps more importantly: without the right support system (unless you’re one of those rare humans with cool, supportive friends & family members)

Luckily, you don’t need to have all the answers today. Or tomorrow. But what you do need is persistence, faith and courage.

And that’s where a supportive tribe comes in.

The people we surround ourselves with are the biggest influence on our behavior, attitudes and results. It’s probably the most important tool that we have to create a better life for ourselves.

As motivational speaker Jim Rohn says:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

There is a chance most of the people in your inner circle (friends, family, etc) don’t have the same values as you do.

By finding your tribe and people you vibe with, you will find it easier to communicate and discuss the things that keep you busy.

Surrounding yourself with the right minds means flowing WITH the current instead of against it.

I love to surround myself with people who are on the same wavelength. People with the same ideas. People with similar struggles. People who share my interests and passions.

I don’t necessarily have to agree on everything with them, as long as I can face the same problems and struggles together with them.

This is why I started the Road to Remote Collective, a community with like-minded entrepreneurs. To help each other, get feedback, hold each other accountable and grow together. You can find more about this here.

– Who are the 5 people you spend most of your time with?
– Do they reflect who you want to be?
– Do they have the same values as you do?

So, what’s next?

It is time to get yourself into action. Grab your notebook and write down your plan of action:

– Set goals for yourself and your new business

– Build your system: write down the habits that are essential to reach your goals.

– Find a group of like-minded people that understand you and your journey.

And remember: use your goals as a dot on the horizon. Use your habits to stop procrastinating and get things done with consistent action!