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Podcast with Janine Bolon on the power of habits for new solopreneurs

The power of habits for new solopreneurs

As featured in 'The Thriving Solopreneur podcast' with Janine Bolon

What an inspiring talk together with Janine from the Thriving Solopreneur Podcast. We talked about the bumpy entrepreneurial ride, creating habits and systems, and being comfortable with boredom.

Listen to the podcast or read the script below. Let’s dive in!

Not your typical business coach

Thank you Janine for introducing me on your podcast. As Janine introduced me: ‘Niels helps new entrepreneurs to build a business that they love and can’t stop talking about. He is well-read, he is articulate, and he knows what he is talking about. After a tough situation of burnout and hitting rock bottom, Niels turned his corporate life frustrations into a life-long mission to help these same solopreneurs with a busy full time job to create a meaningful, location-independent business for themselves. Niels is the gentleman you want to go to if you want to create your own business’.

Thanks Janine for your kind words! Let’s look into what we have talked about.

The book that made me shift from burnout to thriving solopreneur

Reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear really helped me create the business that I love. Beforehand, I wasn’t really someone who loved reading books, let alone that I could focus on them. When I hit rock bottom I had to change and this is when I tried everything. I hired a coach, did online training, listened to podcasts, and started reading more.

Reading Atomic Habits made a big difference for me because I realised that the foundation of entrepreneurship is almost entirely about mindset. It is all about our beliefs, our habits, thoughts, and emotions. Janine replies to this with: ‘I see your eyes light up when you’re talking about this book, so I know that this is a golden nugget that we want to share with the audience’.

I totally agree with Janine. This is because I am a firm believer of creating healthy habits, and breaking the one that don’t serve me. As a new or aspiring solopreneur you can achieve these goals by hustling, aiming for the sky, and setting to-do lists for yourself. But actually, this approach is only making you happy once the goal is realised, which means that there is a constant ‘delayed happiness’.

I believe in a different system, the system of creating small, doable habits that you can do every single day. This way is much more fun, because you can celebrate the small wins that you create with your healthy habits. You are aiming to get 1% better every day. This will become part of your system and at some point it will not take you any effort to do this one thing anymore. This is when it has become a habit.

Therefore my advice is to do really simple things often, and really fall in love with them!

You have to have systems

As Janine mentions: ‘Burnout is caused by decision fatigue. When you’re trying to build a business while working in a fulltime job, then this is where these habits systems come into play. Mindset is the key to not fall into decision fatigue. I do agree with this. When you have a system you can automate your habits and not burn yourself out.

Building a business by itself is pretty straightforward. The tricky part is holding a positive mindset and keeping yourself focused. Part of this is to keep on feeding your motivation by being surrounded by the right people, building the right habits, and having your morning routines. I think this is mostly 90% of all the work. Especially if you’re in a busy job and considering creating your own business on the side. It is all about building systems around mindset, community, and personal growth.

It really all starts with your personal systems

Janine asked me how I help people who are transitioning. People who have a passion and an idea. She asked what I do as a coach to get them where they want to be. My answer is that I always start with WHY. I often think about a quote of Simon Sinek in which he says: ‘Before we can stand out, we have to figure out what we actually stand for’. Therefore, my starting point is to always to support gaining clarity on the thing you wish to do. That is why I have created a step-by-step coaching program that helps my clients to start their business in three months, and to also get their first paying clients in.

A lot of people say that they can create a quick success or an overnight success. I do not believe in this. I believe in creating personal systems around your habits, changing your mindset, and working on WHY you want to do something. If these things are in check, then the rest will automatically follow. I’ve seen this time and time again. Not only within my own journey but also with the many people I have had the pleasure to guide on their journey.

Thank you for listening!

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