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How to Gain Clarity, Confidence And Take Action – Interview Clarity Kit

Trying to figure out your next steps?

Unfortunately, clarity doesn’t fall from the sky. Or can be found under your mattress. It comes from within. And that’s exactly the challenge. As long as ‘being busy’ is the norm and slowing down isn’t fancy, it becomes harder to listen to that inner voice. But it’s there, and if we’re willing to slow down, be vulnerable and truly listen, we can find all the clarity that we need to put us into action.

Watch my interview with Carlien and Julie from Clarity Kit below to discover how you can gain clarity as a new entrepreneur — and start taking bold action towards the life you want.

Watch this video to learn:

  • Why living by ‘The Little Book of Expectations’ doesn’t always give us joy and fulfillment, and how introspection can help you to discover what does.
  • How you can gain clarity as a new entrepreneur, and why this is essential to take bold action towards a life and business you love.
  • What to do when you ‘feel stuck’ in life, the truth about confidence and how ‘feeling confident’ relates to clarity.
  • Why our brain is like a ‘snow globe’ and why mental clutter makes you freeze, procrastinate and put your dreams on hold.
  • A couple of practical exercises that you can do right now to gain clarity, feel grounded and get into action.

Curious about Clarity Kit? Head over to and give it a try.

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