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Dear future solopreneur: is this your window of opportunity?

For many of us the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our daily life upside down. A lot of the news we consume is not making us happy and many of us are struggling emotionally or financially, or maybe even both.

At the same time, the news reported that the Himalayas are visible again for the first time in 30 years. Polluted cities like Paris and Jakarta suddenly show clear skies again. It is like nature is taking a breath from all the pollution.

In other words: for some, this might be the right time to cease the opportunity.

Have you been looking for the right time to start your own remote business? You find yourself having some extra time due to the corona crisis? This might be the right moment for you to shift gears and make it happen.

We have created a simple 3-step guide with which you should be able to go live within a day.

So, let’s dive in.

Build a one-page website

Provide value

You probably already have the skills but now it is the time to turn those years of experience into a service that will help solve your clients’ problems. Build a one-page website in which you write just enough (but not too much) content that will convince your potential clients to schedule a discovery-call with you.

When writing your content, try to focus on the value you provide rather than diving into all the technical details of your services.

To give you an example; instead of saying: ‘I offer web design and content services’ it is more relevant to say ‘I can help you grow your business by building a website that attracts and converts more potential clients for your business’.

Create a simple, one-page website

Building your own website can not get any simpler with the wide range of excellent web builders out there. Just choose one and start creating your one-page website. It’s as simple as that!

Make sure the page includes:

  1. The benefit you provide to your client;
  2. How you provide that benefit (types of services);
  3. An ‘About you’ section;
  4. A simple way to book a consulting call.

A few of the excellent web-builder websites out there:

  • – a popular website builder with great designs and is known for its easy usability.
  • – an easy website builder with a powerful set of features.
  • WordPress – Setup your own WordPress website using the simple Elementor website builder. This might take up a bit more time, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

Make it easy to get consulting calls

Forms, Chat, Pop-ups, … they are all important, but let’s focus on getting clients to schedule a meeting with you.

Step 1: Add a big button on your website where your potential client can book a free consulting call with you. This will spare them from multiple back-and-forth emails or filling in general contact forms.

Step 2: Create a Calendly account. With this smart meeting scheduler you’ll be able to book in calls with potential clients that suit both your agendas.

You can set your availability by selecting the preferred days and time slots. No worries about double-booking appointments though; by connecting Calandely to your agenda it automatically hides time slots that are already booked. Smart right?

Just add your personal Calendly link to your website and you are all set to get those bookings coming in.

Business setup

And then there is the administrative part of your freelance business.

Perhaps not the most exciting part of running a business, but you want this in place. If registring a business in your home country is difficult, consider registring through the e-residency program. It’s a modern solution to run your location independent business.

As for the admin side, look at Xolo to launch your virtual company in just 10 minutes, for €0 / month. It includes everything you need to get your business going such as sending invoices to your EU-clients. You just pay 5% of all outgoing payments, that’s it.

Update your profile(s) and share the good news

Now that you have launched your website and took care of the administrative and financial side of your freelance business it is time to update your Social Media profile(s) and tell the world you are ready for business.

To update your Social Media profiles, just make sure your images are up-to-date and your bio includes your freelance website and value proposition. If you are updating your LinkedIn profile, make sure to add your freelance business to your work experience list.

Share your work on Social Media

The obvious next step is to share your services on Social Media, WhatsApp and other channels to start attracting potential clients within your network. There might just be a few former employers or company owners that are excited to work with you.

If this feels a bit uncomfortable, you can also send out private messages to a few potential clients in your network. If you need help crafting your pitch, have a look at the 5-line pitch format from Ramit Sethi (New York Times bestselling author and founder of

Final Thoughts

No worries, it is common to overthink the whole process.

And yes, you’ll need to constantly finetune your services and processes along the way.

But getting started is not that difficult if you have the skills, the right mindset and a little bit of extra time.

Dear future solopreneur: if you feel this is your window of opportunity to start your remote freelance business we recommend to use this momentum. It is definitely worth it!

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