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Hi, I’m Niels.

Self-made business coach, entrepreneur, graduate at Burnout University, action-taker, lover of classic rock, espresso and nature walks. Driven by curiosity and excitement for entrepreneurship as a way to positively change the world around us.

I am thrilled you are here. Really, I am happy for you. Because that probably means that you are serious about changing your life. Do things your way. Finally..

You’ve read the 4-hour workweek, started a few projects, made a website, but.. *crickets*. The struggle to build a business while working fulltime is real. Especially if you have to make those big changes with limited time, energy, money.. and, honestly, confidence.

I know the struggle because I’ve been there. No overnight successes. No startup unicorns. Instead, I wrestled with corporate life until a burnout hit me. Hard.

But hitting rock bottom was the ultimate gift. Something HAD to change. I hired a coach, changed my habits, listened to audiobooks and watched trainings.

I became obsessed with figuring out HOW to build your dream business while working in a busy 9-5 job. A business that enables you to be financially and location independent. Not just for the money, but mostly to simply be you.

Really 100% you.

If this is you, than wait no longer. Go make it happen!

Meet Niels

An entrepreneur & marketing professional by trade, but mostly just a creative thinker who loves helping others to build a meaningful business – one they just can’t stop talking about.

As a former Microsoft employee and a 10-year marketing track record, I’ve literally helped 100’s of businesses to attract more clients and build a scalable organization.

But more recently, I was just another corporate burnout with a desperate wish to escape my 9-5 life. The burnout left me crying and anxious, yet it was the ultimate gift that set me on a mission.

Ironically, I had no clue how to build a business for myself. Where to start? What if I failed? What if I have to live in a box under the bridge?

I HAD to find out. I listened to tons of audiobooks. I followed mindset and life coaching training. I started working with business coaches myself. And at some point, I slowly started helping others based on my experience.

And I fell in love with coaching and the results my first clients were getting.

A coaching business and the idea for the Accelerator Program was born. And I started helping others to create a business that fits their vision, values and strengths.

If you feel unfulfilled in your 9-5 job and you are ready to step out of the rat race (without taking any financial risks), I’d love to help you to launch your dream business.

Build an exciting life & business around your values, personality and lifestyle.

We all want to enjoy life to the fullest.

But we aren’t always doing the work that’s aligned with our values.

This requires change. And change is hard.

Let me tell you something:

You deserve to feel EXCITED when you wake up in the morning.

You deserve to help people with your talents and earn 6 FIGURES while doing so.

You deserve to work ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

You deserve to be LOVED.

If you want to feel fulfilled, think about your perfect day. How would that look like?

Close your eyes and really envision it. Feel it.

Decide how YOU are going to reach your goals. Become obsessive about it.

Don’t overthink it, do it.

Forget about the naysayers.

Keep going and trust in yourself.

And if it helps, let me help you to stay on track.

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

— Tony Robbins.